Compliance Services

Compliance Services

Elinphant provides governance, risk management and compliance solutions to financial service firms. Our client base includes banks, broker dealers, investment advisors, hedge funds, and service providers to those entities.
Led by industry pioneers who have decades of hands on expertise and who understand the challenges in this complex environment.
Elinphant is truly separated from the pack when it comes to our knowledge and experience in trading and complex products. Unlike many consulting firms, our employees come from sophisticated business models and are able to address the specifics regarding trading and trade reporting. Our employees are also skilled at implementing compliance rules into technology.

Standard & Bespoke Solutions

Elinphant’s team has a broad range of experience working with a variety of regulators. We understand the difference between regulatory approaches, as well as the goals and priorities of our industry’s diverse regulators. Elinphant’s team has well honed skills in both creating new compliance programs and evaluating and enhancing existing programs. We excel at ensuring compliance programs fit each client’s business model and risk tolerance and most importantly meet a regulator’s requirements.

Conflicts and risk assessments are very important as they form an integral part of a successful compliance program and help to create awareness of both regulatory and reputational risk. The broad and deep knowledge base of the Elinphant team lends itself to recognizing perceived and actual conflicts and risks and assisting our clients with mitigating, managing, and disclosing these issues as required by regulators and expected by the investors and clients of our clients.

Elinphant can meet your need to outsource either the Chief Compliance Officer (“CCO”) position or specific compliance duties. In order to provide the best outsourced CCO services, we believe that any one Elinphant team member should only be CCO of one regulated entity at a time. We also have experience working with firms during times of transition – from changing regulators to transitioning in a new CCO to restructuring after reorganizations. We act as an extension of your firm with a goal of being a resource not only for management, but for all employees of the firm.

Systems can provide much needed automation and relief from manual management of processes. However, if not implemented properly or completely, inefficiencies will remain and quite possibly unrecognized risks will abound. The Elinphant team are adept at assessing a firm’s systems needs, evaluating the best fit and creating and executing implementation plans. We have also assisted firms with the analysis of currently operating systems to see what additional efficiencies can be created.

Elinphant’s team has managed AML responsibilities since the inception of the Patriot Act. We understand the evolution of AML programs, which means that we can go back to the basics, as well as perform at the level of sophistication required of AML programs today. In addition, we have specialized knowledge in implementing, maintaining and enhancing AML programs. We can perform independent reviews, risk assessments, and employee training.

Elinphant has the expertise to guide FinTech companies in their programing rules and regulations into technology. In addition, Elinphant can assist FinTech companies in the types of reports that should be produced as well as testing the technology to ensure it performs within rules and regulations. Elinphant has advised on both front and back office systems. We have also assisted FinTech companies in their sales offers to compliance officers; we are at the crossroads of technology and compliance.

More and more financial companies are entering the industry as unregulated financial companies. However, these companies understand the importance of regulatory standards. Their customers require certain due diligence standards. They expect to see a compliance program as well as training in place. Elinphant has worked with multiple unregulated companies and created a balanced compliance program that meets due diligence requirements.

Regulators are focusing more and more on how a firm evaluates and monitors the compliance and performance of their vendors. Elinphant has experience creating and maintaining vendor due diligence programs. These programs are critically important to maintaining security for your firm’s and client’s information, but also ensuring your vendors are meeting the requirements of the statement of work.

6.8 billion- Cost of Compliance Personnel

  • Investment Advisor
  • Technology B/D & IA
  • Broker / Dealer

17 billion or 25% Outsourced

  • Outsourced
  • In House

Outsourcing Compliance Trend through 2018

  • Increase
  • Remain Steady
  • Decrease