Why Elinphant


Why Elinphant

There is a growing compliance issue within financial services where the cost to staff / retain the best compliance talent is getting more and more challenging, while regulatory and reputational risk is skyrocketing. Chief Compliance Officers are left in a precarious position trying to stay within tight budgets while maintaining functioning compliance programs. There is also a trend towards outsourcing various components of compliance programs as a cost saving measure being deployed by firms.

Innovation + Collaboration

Elinphant collaborates with our clients. We work with our clients to evaluate their risk levels and then ensure that our advice is within those parameters. We are also known for our innovation in problem solving. Many solutions can be implemented with tools already used within the firm. Recommendations are kept as simple as possible. Our goal is to create cost conscious processes and programs that are sustainable and repeatable and that meet regulatory requirements.

Elinphant provides Compliance, Risk Management & Governance Solutions to firms in the Financial Services Industry

Our clients include banks, broker dealers, investment advisors, hedge funds, and service providers to those entities

Led by industry experts who have decades of hands-on experience who understand the challenges in this complex regulatory environment

The Elinphant Advantage

What sets us apart from every other alternative is the ability to offer seasoned and capable industry professionals who deliver high quality work at value prices. As a result of our experience, our experts can step into an organization and quickly assess and integrate ourselves within the team and create immediate, positive impact.